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We’ve all seen the movies-“ the first one was funny, the second one less so and the third one had Will Smith and not much else.  The Men in Black made for great fun in the movie world but in the real world, for those that encounter them in real life, they are far less funny.  In fact, they are sometimes terrifying.  But what are the MIB’s?


These guys acquired their names from their wardrobe choices – black suits, black hats and black sunglasses, with the clothes being of a weird material.  They often seem to have olive complexions and when their eyes are seen, often they seem to have an unnatural glow.  Even their voices are odd – strange and monotonous with an almost mechanical tone and an accent that people can’t quite place.  Their sentence structure is often unusual and their choice of words out of context.

MIB’s normally travel in groups of three and visit witnesses who have recently seen a UFO or something of a similar nature.  Their mission is to put people off from reporting what they have seen and often they pretend to represent ‘the government’ without being specific about which branch.  They even have ID’s that look almost real.

Early reports

No one is really certain where the first reports of Men in Black came from.  Perhaps they pre-date the reports we know about because people assumed they really were government agents in times before suspicion became a normal viewpoint.  Or they were so convincing back then that their instructions to keep secret what was seen meant that people did as they were told.

One of the first well known reports has since shown itself to be less credible.  The founder of the International Flying Saucer Bureau, Albert Bender, announced he was closing down the organisation and its journal Space Review because he had the solution to the mystery of flying saucers but had been strongly advised by members of the US government that he couldn’t tell anyone.  He later published a book about his encounters but it was filled with some odd information that many people saw as damaging his credibility.

Examples of encounters

One classic example of a MIB encounter came from a hotel in Canada where employees encounters two strange men following one of their colleagues seeing a UFO.  The two men appeared at the hotel, asking for the man and were even caught on camera.  The witnesses said that the men looked strange, having no eyebrows or eye lashes, bald heads disguised by wigs and clothes that seemed to be of a terrible fit, most unlikely for government employees.  Their eyes were weirdly hypnotic and the staff were uncomfortable in their presence.  Lucky for the man in question, he wasn’t at work at the time and the two figures left.

In another story from a man in Essex, the Men in Black were actually Men in Grey but otherwise the story was similar.  He reported seeing a UFO and a few days later, two guys showed up.  One stayed in the car while the other grilled him about his sighting, constantly trying to get permission to enter the house (sound a bit like Black Eyed Children?).  His voice was expressionless and flat and his behaviour intimidating but the man refused him entry.  The two left, saying they would see him again and next showed up at his place of work.  Again, they grilled him about his sighting and tried to gain permission to enter the workplace but he refused.  They left and never returned but since then, he is sure his phone is bugged.


The idea of the Men in Black being some type of extra-terrestrial cover up crew who frighten witnesses into silence may seem a little farfetched and they certainly aren’t doing a very good job – look at the number of UFO websites currently holding sighting information.  And while there might the usual mundane explanation for their presence, methods and behaviours, it certainly isn’t an obvious one.  Maybe someone will get some definitive footage of them somewhere and we might find out who really are behind those black glasses.