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There seems hardly a day goes by when the news isn’t filled with another report of a Bigfoot sighting or another video that shows something odd. Yet it seems that despite all the efforts of Bigfoot researchers, the cryptid remains as elusive as when stories first surfaced.  No doubt, some will say this is because Bigfoot doesn’t exist but let’s consider other options.  If we work on the idea that it does exist, why is Bigfoot so hard to find?


YouTube is a hotspot for Bigfoot videos of varying quality and authenticity.  Some of them seem genuinely a little curious while others more questionable.  Rarely do they include much in the way of background information but a recent one came with a statement from the man who took the footage.

The man in question said he was in American Fork Canyon in the area of Tibbel Creek Reservoir.  He thought he had seen something moving a few minutes before at a distance to him which had spooked him a little but he thought was likely a moose or elk, possible a bear.  The area was heavily forested and he didn’t get a good look at the animal before it disappeared behind a tree so he gave it no further thought.

He decided to start shooting some footage in the area of the creature but was becoming increasingly unnerved so the camera was somewhat shaky and a steadying filter had to be applied afterwards to allow it to be watched.  While he was shooting, he saw movement in the trees and panned the camera towards it.

When the creature stepped out of the trees, he felt absolutely terrified and later admitted that the video caught far more than he remembered seeing with his own eyes.  He recalled seeing the most massive animal he had ever seen but didn’t want to classify it was a Bigfoot, though he was unsure what else it could be.  He was an experienced outdoorsman and had never seen anything like it but had never had a Bigfoot encounter previously either.

Instinct and location

Two factors that could help Bigfoot elude discovery, even if he isn’t aware of it is the location he chooses for his home and our own primal instinct to his appearance.  As with the case above, the guy taking the video was so unnerved by facing a predator that could potentially kill him that he didn’t even really take in what he was seeing.  Most of us never come face to face or even close to a predator in that way – we are more likely to see them in a zoo or sanctuary behind bars or other safety precautions.  When we are in this kind of situation, our instincts kick in and tell us to get away.

Another element of this is the modern ability to convince ourselves that what we see wasn’t what it appeared to be.  We convince ourselves that it was the old ‘guy in a gorilla suit’ or a bear on its hind legs because this is easier to deal with than the unknown represented by a cryptid.

Finally, the location is another reason why finding Bigfoot is so difficult.  While not quite on the same scale, there are tribes living in the Amazon that have hardly ever been seen – the area they live in is so vast they can be overlooked.  If we follow that logic that a single pair or small group of Bigfoot type creatures live in an area such as Yellowstone National Park, is it not conceivable that we would hardly ever see them?


Definitive proof hasn’t come to light yet, despite the best interests of researchers and until it does, there are going to be people who simply discount Bigfoot as a fantasy.  But for those of us who work on the ‘maybe’ theory, we wait to see what happens.  At some point, just like those tribes in the Amazon, someone will find Bigfoot or answer the question of what it is we see in these videos.