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Perhaps hot spot is a little strong a term to use for Mole Valley but the patch of Surrey does seem to have an interesting number of UFO sightings and also a curious connection to one very famous UFO book!


800px-South_Holmwood_View_RedlandsMole Valley is a local government district of Surrey that is roughly divided into two sections around the towns of Dorking and Leatherhead.  Also spread across the area is the Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and the North Downs while Denbies Wine Estate is the largest vineyard in the country and is within the district.

According to the Dorking Advertiser, the most recent UFO sighting in the area came from a lady named Diane Cooper of Cottage Farm, Betchworth around midnight on the 9th July.  She saw an object that was moving ‘very fast and very low’.  The light, which was bright, large and yellow I colour, appeared to her left then headed towards Dorking around the front of a hill.  She lost sight of it when it passed over the top of another hill and for a moment she thought it had crashed.  But there was no explosion.  Moments later, she saw a plane fly from the right towards Heathrow and noted that the light from it was slower, higher up in the sky and wasn’t as bright as the UFO.

The report was posted on the newspaper’s Facebook page and quickly another witness came forward to say she had seen bright yellow lights hovering over Leith Hill.  Suggestions as to what has been seen ranged from Chinese lanterns to ball lightning.

Ministry of Defence files

According to the files held on UFO sightings by the Ministry of Defence, there have been seven previous UFO reports from the area.  In 1997, a report came of a ‘weird shaped’ object near Box Hill that was like a circle with a rectangle on it and two prongs sticking out of either side that was white and very bright.  In august of the same year in Dorking one object was reported with two lights, one yellow and one red.  It was stationary at first them made a series of erratic movements including backwards, up and down, changing speed as it went.

There were two sightings in 1999. One from East Horsley where eight small circles formed one large circle and were green in colour.  The other was from Effingham and described a streak of light in the sky resembling six to eight windows that moved very fast.

In October 2001, a silent helicopter-like craft was reported near Dorking that actually shone a light on the witness while a low humming noise could be heard.  In 2006, a while object was reported moving north to south near Cobham and looked as if it was burning up with a trail behind it for a few seconds.

War of the Worlds?

So not exactly a hotspot, but there is certainly a continuity among some of the reports in the Mole Valley area.  And perhaps residents should be wary, remembering the fictional past of the area – when in 1898 aliens came down from the skies and attacked the area, causing great devastation before being killed off by a mere human virus – or at least according to HG Wells in War of the Worlds.