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There are no shortage of haunted houses, ghost infested hotels, spooky cemeteries and other locations with a paranormal tale to them spread around the UK.  But with Halloween fast approaching, if you were to say ‘this’ was one of the places most likely to see some authentic supernatural stuff on Halloween, where would that place be?  Would it be any of these?

Cannock Chase, Staffordshire

Lots of places claim to be the most haunted in the UK but when it comes to variety of sightings, the Cannock Chase has to top the list.  This pretty piece of Staffordshire countryside has more paranormal residents that living ones and top of the list is the eerie Black Eyed Girl.  Seen on the spot regularly for the last 30 years, she appeared to have no eyes whatsoever and simply black holes in her face.  She has also been connected with the child killings of Raymond Morris in the 1960s while other experts think she could be demonic in nature.  Other paranormal reports include UFOs, black dogs and the internet bogeyman, the Slender Man.

Top tip – if someone takes your hand, run!

Pluckley, Kent

If you look in the Guinness Book of Records for the most haunted spot in England, then the Kent village of Pluckley is the official answer.  It has held the record since 1989 and has anywhere from twelve to sixteen different ghosts.  There is a highwayman who appears at the appropriate named Fright Corner as well as a screaming man.  A schoolmaster who hung himself often puts in an appearance as does an old woman sitting on the bridge have a smoke.  The place is a magnet for ghost hunters and paranormal researchers so if you head there for Halloween, don’t be surprised if you have company.

Top tip – if you chat to any locals, make sure you can’t wave your hand through them!

Wakefield Tower

Wakefield Tower

Tower of London, London

The Tower of London has seen much of the most turbulent parts of British history and a few remaining residents is a logical assumption.  Some say it is the most haunted building in the country and it has certainly been well investigated.  Noteworthy ghosts include that of Henry VI who appeared on the anniversary of his death in the Wakefield Tower where he walks until midnight strikes.  However records show this was May 21st so he might not show up for Halloween.  Other residents who might include a White Lady in the White Tower who was seen by school children and whose perfume is often said to waft through the building, even making one of the guards physically sick.

Top tip – if someone looks royal, bow anyway as you never know who’s ghost may be visiting!

Ye Old Man and Scythe pub, Bolton

Ye Old Man and Scythe is confirmed as the fourth oldest pub in the UK with the building dating from 1251 so it isn’t surprising it has picked up a spook or two along the way.  The pub has had reports of flickering lights and apparitions appearing in the first floor window for some years but the story really took off when CCTV footage captured a spooky figure appearing beside the bar at 6am when no-one was around.  The next morning the landlord discovered a smashed glass and was shocked when he reviewed footage to see the culprit.  Some say the ghost is James Stanley, the 7th Earl of Derby.

Top tip – if a disembodied voice asks for a drink, just buy it one!

Ancient Ram Inn, Gloucestershire

The Ancient Ram Inn is another to hit the list of ancient pubs around the country and based on quantity of spooks, also rates as one of the most haunted spots.  It has a questionable history including black magic rituals and child sacrifice being carried out in the property, being used a criminal hideout and seeing the suicide of residents.  Current owner John Humphries is confident that even after closing time, the place is very busy – as well as the ghosts there are two demons, a witch and plenty of orbs making use of the facilities.

Top tip – if the beer looks a little green, maybe ask for another pint!

Overtoun Bridge

Overtoun Bridge

Overtoun Bridge, Dumbarton

Not exactly a haunted spot this one but definitely something a little weird going on, Overtoun Bridge is also known as the dog suicide bridge.  This 19th century manor house’s attractive bridge has gained a grim reputation since the 1950s due to the number of dogs who have jumped to an untimely death from it.  According to some reports, the number of doggy deaths could be as high as 600 and no-one can conclusively explain what it is about the spot.  Everything from a ghost calling them off the bridge to some weird explanation about an optical illusion formed by the trees have been suggested.

Top tip – don’t take your dog if you hit the spot for Halloween!


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