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December is a busy month in most parts of the world, with the Christmas celebrations, the Winter Solstice and the New Year.  It also is a busy month in the weird world that lurks behind these cheerful events.  In the first of a new series of montly roundups, we glance back at last month to see who was haunting who, where the UFOs appeared and who ran into Bigfoot.

Themed spooks

It’s nice when the spirits and ghosts of a place can get into the theme of the year, such as Christmas.  This is what seems to have happened with the strange ‘ghost Christmas tree’ that appeared in the window of an abandoned hospital in New Orleans.  The Charity Hospital was closed after Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and had remained abandoned ever since.  The hospital is described as gloomy and a bit scary at the best of times though it may be that a spirit within the hospital was trying to add some festive cheer.  The lights were photographed by Lisa Walley Staggs and was also seen by a former anaesthesia technician, Mike Arbon.  Both work in the same new hospital opposite the old one and saw the light as they came out of work on December 27th

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UFO landing

A report received by MUFON (the Mutual UFO Network) from December 10th added a new dimension to the normal ‘strange craft in the sky’ report.  The witness was in Malden Ciy, Massachusetts when he saw a strange object making unusual manoeuvres in the sky.  As he watched, it flew to the west and hovered before descending straight down.  He grabbed his mobile phone to take images of what he was seeing, only to watch its battery drain away in no time.  The witness was familiar with aircraft as his dad had served in the Air Force and was sure that this was no plane due to the angles and lack of sound.  MUFON are investigating the case.

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Alien homeworld?

Often the continued search for life in the universe throws up vague potential planets that could hold alien life but the recent observation of the star KIC8462852 seems to offer something even more unusual – a possible piece of alien technology.  A new group, called the SETI Inernational and who are different from the SETI Institute, have observe the planet and discovered a massive structure that seems to orbit the star, which is some 1500 light years from Earth.  Suggestions are that it is a Dyson swarm, a version of a theoretical machine called a Dyson sphere that would collect energy from a star.  Further searching continues to try to uncover more.

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Wormholes appears over Cape Town?

universe-449764_1920Anyone familiar with the term wormhole won’t need an explanation but in case you aren’t, the idea is that a tunnel of sorts could connect our planet with other parts of the universe and allow travel almost instantly from one point to another.  Think Stargate – a wormhole connects one gate to another.  However, they are a purely theoretical idea at this point for us humans – but maybe not for someone else.  The report came from Cape Town, in South Africa, and came with a number of photos that appeared to show a strange green circle in the sky above the city.  Other believed it was a UFO, of which there are a history of sightings over the city.  Several months ago there were strange UFO shaped clouds over the city and several residents believe the latest sighting is connected to that incident.

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Bigfoot vocalisations recorded

A number of researchers believe that the best way to prove the existence of elusive cryptids such as Bigfoot is going to be through their calls and vocaliastions.  One researcher has posted his candidate for Bigfoot ID through sounds, recorded in an area of Missouri that is undisclosed but known to some as the Volcano Bowl.  Randy Savig has been researching Bigfoot for the last three years and was with the Mid-America Bigfoot Research Centre when he captured the strange noises.  The four minute long recording includes some clearly identified animals such as wolves and coyotes as well as strange noises such as yelps, growls and even screams.

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