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For many, Mothman is a film or perhaps something featured on TV.  For others it is a creature categorised as a cryptid, a creature that has yet to be scientifically proven.  Whatever the case, most of us associated it with the US, specifically with West Virginia.  Yet an increasing number of reports are being received from locations around the world – so is the Mothman going global?


For the full original story, check out my article here.  In short, the original creature was spotted in 1966 around the Point Pleasant area in West Virginia over a series of nights by a number of different witnesses.  The sightings precipitated the Silver Bridge disaster in the area and was seen as a harbinger of the disaster.

The general description of the create was a large animal that was shaped like a man around six and a half to seven feet tall.  It has big wings which it could fold against its back and glowing red eyes.  Able to fly with the wings, it was described in one case as being able to reach speeds of 100 mph based on the speed of a vehicle pursuing it.

When the bridge collapsed on December 15th 1967, killing 46 people, the creature was not seen for some time.  People came to believe it was foretelling the event in some form or perhaps simply hanging around in some perverse way to watch the disaster.

Modern sightings

Then in recent years, a spate of sightings began again to be reported and interestingly, these were not restricted to the West Virginia area.  Nor did there seem to be any direct correlation with disasters, either natural or manmade in some cases.

One sighting that was identified with a most terrible incident was the report of a large winged creature in the area around the World Trade Centre towers on September 11th 2001.  A picture taken at the time circulates the internet to this day showing a winged creature.  Another major disaster that the creature was said to have been witnessed around was the Chernobyl nuclear reactor disaster.

Prior to that, sightings seem to come in clusters.  There were reports in 2001 from Sedalia, Missouri and Camden, Maine as well as in Mawnan, Cornwall, England.  Similarly, in 2004 reports came in from three locations in Mexico including Nuevo Leon as well as two spots in South Dakota including the Standing Rock Indian Reservation and three spots in California includes Martinez and Newport.

In 2006, the creature did a lot of international travelling – sightings include from Mexico and Canada, England, Poland and Russia as well as Brazil and Argentina.  These are in addition to a number of sightings around the US.

Asian exploits

In the last few years, sightings have begun to surface in Asia.  These sightings, detailed by Cryptozoology News including a teacher who saw a winged humanoid in an abandoned house.  The man was walking his dog in the Istana Woodneuk area when he peered into the window of the house and saw the creature.  It stood, watching him without moving, though he could see it breathing.

Another report came from a 19-year-old student who saw the creature in broad daylight while looking for locations for a student film near an abandoned hospital in Changi.  He heard a noise while looking around the building and saw the creature up a tree, wings outstretched.  He described it as mostly human but with huge wings.

Finally, a 54-year-old birdwatching housewife also reported seeing the same creature in the same week.  She described it as a tall man with wings near Dempsey Hill, again by an abandoned building.  She heard a loud fluttering noise before seeing the creature.  Her background perhaps gives her the best chance of not misidentifying any form of bird, a common explanation given to classify the Mothman as something scientifically identified.

Flying humanoids

A further category of reports from around the world refer to ‘flying humanoids’ also a possible description for the Mothman type creature.  One example comes from a video taken by a group of Peruvian men in March 2015.  In the video, the creature is seen flying over a church in Puerto Maldonado at speeds that made it difficult for the man with the camera to keep track of it.

Earlier reports from 2014 said that two separate groups of witnesses saw a humanoid creature hovering around the beaches of Neochea in May of that year.  Two technicians who worked for an international company but wanted to remain anonymous said they saw the creature from the apartment they were staying in, close to the sea.  The figure also appeared to vanish into thin air after a moment of observing it.  Two days later another pair of witnesses saw the creature ‘floating as it walked’ near the same beach.


There are two possible ideas to explain this spreading of the Mothman phenomena to me.  The first one is that there is a species here that is widening its territory and using its ability to fly to move to new locations, perhaps when its original home became too crowded with people searching for it.  Or alternatively, these are not the same kind of creature but the well-known nature of the Mothman stories have led people to describe it in these terms as they are familiar with it.  Only time and more witnesses will give us a better idea.