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So the first month of the year has passed up by already and February is here – one big step closer to spring hopefully.  The world has been filled with the strange this month as well as the sad, with the passing of a number of legends from the world of music and entertainment.  So here’s a roundup of the news items that caught my eye from the month of January.

Bigfoot proven?

Bigfoot seems to be a popular topic around the world these days and January was no different. In fact, proving the existence of the elusive cryptid even made it into a list of the six most likely breakthroughs in science for the next twelve months.  Alongside the revising of the ‘standard model’ of physics and understand what dark matter is, was answering the question as to whether Bigfoot is real or not.  The logic behind this is the increasing use of trail cameras, camera traps and even drones to study wildlife and remote areas of the world.  This will increase the chance of either the creatures being conclusively caught on camera or their presence somehow explained.

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New habitat for Bigfoot?

When you discuss Bigfoot, most people will talk about sightings in the US, as well as other versions of the creature around the world, such as the Yowie in Australia.  Northern Ireland isn’t typically near the top of the list but a report released recently dating back to the late 1990s shows that things may be changing.  A 63-year-old woman working as a pet sitter was walking some of her charges with her husband near Ballyboley Forest, Glenwherry.  The couple saw something crouched behind dead trees which caused the dogs to become agitated.  The husband closed in on the creature which began growling at them and suddenly rose to its feet.  The creature was tall, carrying a big stock which it smashed against a rock before running off at high speed.

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Unknown depths to Loch Ness

Rarely does a month go by without a Loch Ness Monster story but this month’s was a really interesting one.  A researcher claims to have discovered new, unknown depths to the Scottish loch – literally.  Previously recorded as having a maximum depth of 813 feet, Keith Stewart has discovered a new trench which would revise the depth to just short of 900 feet.  One of the most interesting things about this new depth is that the trench is near to the coastline of the loch, a few miles from Inverness.  Previous studies searching for hidden depths and possible places for the Monster to hide have concentrated on the centre of the lake.

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Headless Mothman?

I remember watching the Mothman Prophecies with some interest back when the film was released and then reading up on the background story.  Since then, there have been quiet years with few sightings of the strange creature.  But last year and now this year don’t appear to be among them.  Following a string of sightings around the world, a new sighting from November has been given.  The anonymous witness was stargazing when he saw a creature like the Mothman, save it appeared to be headless.  Whether this was down to his viewing angle, a flight posture or something more remains an even bigger mystery.

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More portals

Last month, we reported a strange phenomenon seen over the skies of Cape Town in South Africa that many were calling a portal or wormhole.  This month, another report has been given, this time over the capital of Australia, Canberra.  A video uploaded to Reddit showed a doughnut shaped UFO that appeared in the night sky with a strange red and green glow behind it.  Some viewers believe that the light was the portal used by the craft to arrive in our skies as the craft itself was a brilliant white colour.

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Phoenix UFO Video

Phoenix, Arizona, has a long connection with UFOlogy and the UFO phenomena, with the Phoenix Lights of 1997 being one of the most famous examples.  The city is still something of a popular place for UFO spotting, as the latest video shows.  Taken in January, the footage is described as ‘impressive’ by the people at Latest UFO Sightings World.

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Ghostly Goat Causes Resident to Move Out

Most of the time, we in the UK don’t advertise the potential haunted nature of a property when we sell it so when Vanessa Mitchell bought the cottage – known as The Cage for some reason – in 2004, no-one told her it came with a resident spook.  Now, she has admitted defeat and is selling the property having seen a number of ghostly figures and even been pushed over while she was pregnant.  The final straw was seeing a tall, dark figure standing over her son’s cot and prompted her to install cameras to try to catch the spirit on tape.  The results were a strange hooded figure that some people say resembles a goat, often associated with the devil in some mythology.  The property has the history for it – a former medieval prison which held eight women who were killed as part of the infamous witch hunts in the 16th century.

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