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In the Weird World Roundup July, we have a few UFO sightings and a ghost attack on a group of school kids.  As the lighter night comes around in parts of the world, there are also seems to be an increase in creature sightings including of humanoids running across rooftops and a troll-like creature that may be a baby Bigfoot.

roundup julyAstronomy reports air disturbance in wake of UFO

One of the reasons given for scepticism about UFOs is that they seem to defy many of the laws of nature as we know them.  One recent story of a sighting by an astronomer in Lebanon, Oregon, shows not only an interesting sighting but clear distortions to the air that would occur when a large craft moved quickly past a person.

The incident took place on July 10th when the witness and his wife felt something pass between them, around four feet off the ground at a tremendous speed.  The air rippled as the craft moved and there was a distortion to the air similar to that when a pool of water is disturbed.  As an astronomer and physicist, the witness is undoubtedly a credible one who would not easily misidentify ordinary things.

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NASA at it again with ISS footage blackout

For folk that are trying to convince us that there is nothing ‘out there’ NASA do a lousy job.  They are always cutting the feed from the International Space Station just as people spot something weird, further reinforcing the idea that they know exactly who and what is out in our atmosphere.  The latest example was when a large gold coloured object was seen in the ISS footage hovering in the atmosphere then abruptly the feed stopped.  The video was seen by a YouTube user, Streetcap1 who uploaded to the website.

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Humanoid creatures living on rooftops in El Paso

We often here that aliens may be among us but that isn’t all, according to one resident of El Paso, Texas.  The man, named only as Michael N, believes there are strange humanoid creatures that wear something similar to a wetsuit and live on the rooftops of his city.  The creatures are active and can jump between rooftops.  He personally has seen these tall, skinny creatures going back as far as 1988 when he was a boy, home sick from school.  He saw one through a door to the backyard and chased it but lost it.  He now thinks that the changing landscape of the city has forced them to go to the rooftops.

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Evil ghost attack Peru students

A group of students from the city of Tarapoto in Peru have reported being attacked by an evil ghost that looked like a man with a black beard.  Over 100 students were found writhing in pain and fear on the floor and teachers were at a loss to the cause.  When they recovered, the students themselves said that a ‘demon’ attacked them and tried to choke them.  Parents are very concerned about the children as this isn’t the first attack of this nature – earlier in the year a smaller number of students were effected in the same way.

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Wolf-like creatures damage car in Palm Springs

Be it a wolf or a werewolf, something seems to have a taste for luxury cars in the Palm Springs area.  One resident of the Tahquitz Creek area reported seeing a large wolf-like creature in the area and also believed that it was responsible for the damage caused to his BMW.  The car had what appeared to be bite marks on the bodywork while the front tire had been damaged.  There were also large paw prints in the sand beside where the car was parked.

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Photos emerge of troll creature in Pennsylvania

A woman has submitted pictures to a number of websites of a troll-like creature that she spotted near her home in Pennsylvania.  Nor was she the only person to see the creature as one of her friends admitted keeping her dogs in the house for fear of the creature.  To some it may be a juvenile Bigfoot while others think it could be something different entirely – it moved like a juvenile primate but obviously there are no native primate species in the area.

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