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I don’t know about your neck of the woods but around here, the weather itself would warrant a place on the roundup – it’s been so weird!  But that doesn’t seem to have discouraged people from around the world getting out and about to spot the strange and suspicious that has then made its way to the internet.  Here’s the Weird World Roundup August 2016.

Humanoid creature seen in Ohio bean field

Seeing a six foot tall figure in an Ohio bean field isn’t a big thing but when the humanoid in question has greyish skin and long ears like those of a Doberman, then this would definitely rate as something weird.  The report came from a local man who remained anonymous and was chatting with his sister at his front door when he spotted the creature.

Sightings of similar creatures, often referred to as Dogmen, have been reported around the area, dating back as early as 1887 and as recently as just last month in the Oregon County area of Mississippi.

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Classic grey alien spotted in Georgia

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Creepy grey alien

Ask most people what an alien looks like and they will describe the classic grey – the little fella with the skinny legs and arms, big head and black eyes.  They are usually seen in or around UFOs but a recent report comes from a man who was in his home, watching TV when he saw one – in his home.  The witness lives in Georgia and the event actually took place back in 1991 but has just been reported this month.

The creature came out of one of the bedrooms and ran down a hallway.  The witness was with his grandmother at the time, who also saw the creature.  He described it as ‘dingy white’ with naked body, long arms and very buggy eyes.  It has long, narrow feet that looked a little like a frog and he could see ribs visible through the skin, though there only seemed to be three or four.  It vanished at the end of the hallway.

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Blue humanoid figure caught on footage from Peru

In the third of a trio of humanoid sightings from this month, a paranormal investigator has uploaded footage of a strange blue humanoid figure captured levitating across a motorway in Pachacamac, Peru.  Anthony Choy and his team chased the being before capturing the footage and watched the creature vanish when it was about to be hit by a speeding truck on the road.

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Did UFOs steal cattle in Lincolnshire?

At one time, no self-respecting alien would visit Earth without indulging in a little cattle mutilation but over time, like any trend, it subsided and numbers of mutilated cattle seems to have dropped.  But a report in a local newspaper questions whether the recent disappearance of some 1500 sheep in Lincolnshire was the result of alien abduction.

The sheep went missing back in 2011 and no one in the area saw or heard anything.  There were some arrests at the time but no charges were ever filed.  Around the same time, some local witnesses reporting seeing a black triangle type UFO in the area with orange or yellow light on it.  One witness saw the craft some 40 times in a single night – obviously it needed to make numerous journeys to collect all of those sheep!

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Old Stinker makes another appearance in the Hull area

A couple of months ago we first mentioned the sightings of a werewolf type creature in the area around Hull in the UK.  The stories were connected with a local legend of a creature called Old Stinker who once hounded the area.  Now it seems that the werewolf has made another appearance when a woman and her two friends saw it while driving near the village of Halsham.  The woman, named Jemma Waller, saw a creature on all fours that then stood onto two legs and walked towards the car.  She described it as looking like a big dog but with a human face as well as cream and grey fur.  Frightened by what she saw, she kept driving.

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