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The case of the man from Taured is one of those cases that doesn’t quite fit into any explanation.  The case dates back to the 1950s when things like the internet weren’t even a twinkle in someone’s mind’s eye and creating fantastic things were a whole lot more difficult.  There was no Photoshop, no digital cameras and while there were plenty of special effect, they weren’t really very special.  So who was the man from Taured and could he have been an interdimensional traveller?

The arrival of the man from Taured

The case took place back in July 1954 when a man disembarked from a plane that had just landed in the Haneda Airport in Tokyo.  The plane had come from Europe and the man was a typical Caucasian guy.  He didn’t raise any attention until he reached customs.

Asked about his trip, the man told authorities that he was a business man who frequently travelled around the world.  He had a wallet full of currencies from different countries and spoke both French and Japanese.  He said he was visiting Japan for business, his third time in the last twelve months and produced his passport.

But the problem was that the country of origin for the passport didn’t exist.  The man explained he was from a country called Taured that was located on the border between France and Spain.  He confirmed he had travelled to Japan before and had customs stamps to prove it.  But no Japanese customs officer would have stamped a passport from a country that didn’t exist.

Andorra (or Taured?) as we know it today

Andorra (or Taured?) as we know it today

The mystery deepens

This stumped the Japanese officials, as you would expect.  They questioned the man further and he gave details of a company he was in the country to meet with – but the company hadn’t heard of the men when queried nor of the contact the man said he was meeting.

He said he was staying in a hotel but they had no booking under this name.  He also had bank details from a check book he was varied but the bank didn’t exist.  And finally, when showed a map of the world and asked to locate his country of origin, he pointed to Andorra, the tiny country between France and Spain.  He also became vexed when officials called it Andorra, insisting it was called Taured.

Confused, the officials decided to take the man to a nearby hotel and keep him there overnight while they tried to figure out what was going on.  The next morning, they went to talk to him further – but he had vanished.  So too had all of his documentation which had been repaired at the airport.  Nor was the guy ever seen again.

A mysterious mystery

There are a few interesting points about this case.  The first one is how we even know about it in the first place – there seems to be a lack of newspaper articles from the time.  Of course this doesn’t mean that there weren’t any and they have been lost over time, while the strangeness of the story has kept it alive.  Several books make reference to it including The Directory of the Impossible by Colin Wilson and John Grant.

The other question is the obvious one – if the incident did happen, who was the man from Taured?  The obvious explanation is that the guy was nuts but why go to all that effort then just vanish?  If it was Hollywood and he was pitching a movie plot to a big name film director, I could understand all the subterfuge.  But a group of customs officials in a Tokyo airport?  I always look at motivation to hoaxes – was the guy trying to achieve something?  Was there some sort of fame involved with the incident?  In this case, the only thing the guy seems to have gained was a free night’s stay in a hotel – definitely not worth forging all those documents and building such as elaborate story.

If the man was Taured really was from Taured then could he have visited from a parallel dimension?  The idea of multiple Earths lined up with only the subtlest differences is a well-known one.  This would explain why Andorra became Taured but Japan remained as Japan and French remained as French.  Perhaps he inadvertently travelled here and just as inadvertently travelled back again.

man from Taured

Could the man from Taured have travelled from a parallel world?

Nor is this the only case of people who appear then mysteriously vanish without explanation, often having given officials a strange, implausible story.  There have been a number of cases throughout history where people have vanished including the famous Roanoke colony case.  Could the man from Taured be in the same category?