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With October and Halloween around the corner, it isn’t a surprise that things begin to get even stranger in September.  This last month doesn’t disappoint with stories from around the world that deft explanation.  Here is the Weird World Roundup September 2016.

Horse headed human stalks East Yorkshire

There’s a lot of weird stuff happening around the Hull area of East Yorkshire these days, including the recent stories of Old Stinker, the werewolf type creature to have appeared in the area.  The latest story is even stranger – a creature with the features of a person but a head shaped like a horse has been seen around the Longhill estate area.

Locals have nicknamed the creates The Visitor and all reports seem to indicate it is friendly enough – not sure if it has done any interviews yet but there are plenty of posters up wanting to report sightings of it.  Suspicions abound that it is actually some very clever Twitter campaign but time will see.


Disc shaped object on NASA feed

NASA’s various feeds of the space around our planet are always good for UFO sightings and this month hasn’t disappointed.  Perhaps the thing that makes these sightings so curious is that the notoriously sceptical agency never gives a ‘sensible’ explanation for these sightings which leaves UFO spotters to assume there really is a cover-up.

The latest sighting was announced on September 30th and involved a huge UFO moving into the camera’s view.  Those who believe there are UFOs circling the planet also believe that these beings have a base on the moon and this is why humans have never returned there.  It does beg the question…


Witness spot triangle shaped white lights over Swindon

A witness has reported to a local newspaper in Swindon, Wiltshire that he saw three brilliant white lights in the sky near his home that were in a triangle shape and had a red light in the centre.  The sighting took place at 8:19pm on the 27th by a former telecoms engineer.  Graham Woodward saw the craft hovering for around three minutes before it moved away quickly.  He even called the police to report what he had seen.

Two days later, another witness also reported seeing strange lights over the area and caught footage.  The original witness said these lights were a little different to those he witnesses as there were no flashing.

You can see the video on the newspaper website:

Another giant bird sighting from Ohio

roundup september 2016

Artistic idea of what a Thunderbird looks like

Often called a Thunderbird or a Roc, these giant birds are being spotted more and more often around the world, particularly in the US at the moment.  The latest sighting came on 18th September from the Portage County area of Ohio.  The woman was talking to her husband when she spotted a giant bird in a tree near her home.  She estimated it had a wingspan of around 13 feet and flapped the wings only twice to reach the top of the treeline.  She also said the wings seemed to bend as if they were too long.  She added that it looked big enough ‘to pick up a 10-year-old kid’.

Original article:

Ghost takes selfie on smartphone

If you have one of those apps installed that takes a picture of whoever is holding the phone after an incorrectly entered password or code, you may want to review footage.  One man left his phone downstairs and went off to bed.  Next morning, he checked his phone to see a strange misty image filling the screen, telling him that this ‘person’ had tried to access his phone during the night.

He assumed someone had broken into the house but there was no evidence of a break-in.  the image was shared on Reddit, cleaned up by some photo experts and made even creepier!

Original (with photo):