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It isn’t a surprise that UFOs come in all shapes and sizes.  After all, cars and planes do, boats and even bikes have different forms from different makes.  So why not assume that UFOs also come in different sizes and shapes?  While the disc, or flying saucer, is the most common and the triangle one of the most startling, the cigar shaped UFO may be one of the most curious of the UFO types.  While cases featuring these UFOs are far less common than either of the two types, there are a few well known incidents.

The cigar shaped UFO

Sightings of the cigar shaped UFO have a number of elements in common.  Obviously, the shape itself is the biggest factor.  These craft are usually said to have a bright silvery metallic look to them, sometimes white and resemble an airplane without wings or a missile.  Sometimes they are said to have a glow to them and own fly in the direction of the long axis.  Larger versions are said to have a foggy haze to them or sometimes have bands or stripes of colour.  Close sightings also add that these craft also sometimes have portholes or windows on them occasionally with light emitting from them.

According to figures from Project Blue Book, for cases reported between 1947 and 1952, only 5.2% of UFOs were cigar-shaped or ‘rocket’ style as they called them.  further to this, NICAP’s summary took this period from 1942 to 1963 and said that 8.3% of UFO sightings were of cigar shaped craft.


Cigar shaped UFO sightings

One of the earliest cigar-shaped UFO sightings came from Fukuoka in Japan and took place in 1948.  An F-61 ‘Black Widow’ night fighter was patrolling over Japan when it saw something on radar.  The pilot tried to see the craft and when they got closer to it, the craft suddenly sped up, reading speeds of around 1200mph.  The craft then slowed once more and the plane was able to get close but the craft dived under it.  They described is as around 2-30 feet long and like ‘a rifle bullet’.

The Levelland UFO case took place in November 1957 around Levelland in Texas.  It is seen as one of the best UFO cases in history by some due to the amount of witnesses though the US Air Force has dismissed the case as ‘ball lightning or a severe electrical storm’.

Falcon Lake incident

The Falcon Lake incident happened in May 1967 near Falcon Lake in Manitoba, Canada.  The witness, Stefan Michalak, was on a vacation and was hunting for precious stones.  Around 12pm he heard a noise and saw two UFO’s in the sky, cigar shaped and bright red in colour.  They descended at 45 degree angles with one landing on a large rock 160 feet away.  It changed colour to grey and flew off to the west.  The other craft floated above the witness and be was bathed in violet light as well as smelling a sulphurous smell.

He approached the craft when it too landed and changed colour, speaking other languages in an attempt to contact the inhabitants.  He saw a door open and lights inside the ship but didn’t enter.  The door closed and he could see a colourful glass around the UFO.  He reached out to touch it and was burned, even though he was wearing gloves.

Later examination by a doctor revealed that he had raised oval shaped sores on his chest and abdomen in a grid-like pattern and these were similar to a first degree burn.  The doctor was unsure as to the cause.  Michalak suffered several months’ ill health before recovering and living to the age of 83.

Other cigar shaped UFO sightings

More recently, there have been a series of sightings of cigar shaped UFO over Ukraine including as recently as 2014.  Videos uploaded to YouTube show a long, slender craft that was seen in the area of the Chernobyl disaster.

Another recent sighting came from Manchester in 2016 when a witness captures a cigar-shaped UFO on a very clear day, in broad daylight.  The craft was long and narrow with bright lights at the end that were flashing blue, purple and white.  The witness added that the craft was flying higher than airplanes and could be seen for around 40 minutes before rising too high to be seen.


In terms of logic, the cigar-shaped UFO is a sensible shape for a craft designed to travel long distances.  It is similar in design to the missiles and rockets that we use both to travel into space and to bomb one another.  This means they can move at high speeds and are very aerodynamic.  Perhaps these are the Ferraris of the UFO world – the top design for the serious interplanetary traveller?

Have you ever seen a UFO, cigar shaped or otherwise?  Do you believe they are from another planet?