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Some haunted houses really look the part, with peeling exterior, broken windows and a generally spooky air about them.  Haunted roads can be a bit like that – overhanging trees, maybe a dingy house off to one side.  Then other times, they can be modern motorways or highways that don’t look like any self-respecting ghost or phantom hitchhiker would be anywhere near them.  Here are a few of the world’s most haunted roads to show you what I mean.

United Kingdom

A229 Sussex to Kent

This road has the tag as England’s most haunted road and runs from Sussex to Kent.  Back in 1992, a man reported hitting a girl with beautiful eyes, dressed in white who appeared in front of his car.  When he searched for her body, he could find no trace.  The local police receive regular calls from drivers who think they have hit pedestrians, including the woman in white.  There is also a phantom hitchhiker that appears on the road near the Lower Bell pub, outside Maidstone.

A616 Stocksbridge Bypass, Sheffield

The A616 was originally a part of the M67 motorway but is now just an A-road.  It is famous firstly because it has a disproportionate high number of deaths on it but mostly because of the hauntings that have been seen.  The most common sightings include children wearing outdated clothing who leave no footprints in the mud that they play in and a large black figure dressed like a monk who is seen standing under the bypass.  Witnesses in the famous 1987 case included two police officers.

A75 Kinmont Straight, Scotland

This road has the label as the most haunted road in Scotland.  For some five decades, stories of hauntings have been reported along it, numbering in the hundreds.  In 1957, a truck driver saw a couple step out in front of his truck but when he stopped, he could find no trace of them.  Another couple thought they had hit a man with a hessian sack on the road in 1995 but again, could find no trace of him when they stopped.

Weird looking creatures are also reporting in the area including by a group of women in the 1970s and a couple in 1962 who saw a hen fly at them, only to vanish at the last moment – this was followed by a woman waving her arms in the air, a man with long hair and a zoo’s worth of wild animals who all also disappeared!

United States

Zombie Road, Missouri

Zombie Road runs through Wildwood, near St Louis, Missouri and is actually called Lawler Ford Road.  Only two miles long, it runs through an oak forest and ends close to the Meramec River.  it is closed during the night and is the site of the one of the largest Native American burial mounds in the country.  Unsurprisingly, ghosts of Native Americans are among those seen on the road, along with a group of children, Confederate rebels and men killed in industrial accidents while the road was being constructed.

Clinton Road, New Jersey

Clinton Road claims to be one of the most haunted roads in the US, a 55-mile twisty road that runs to the north-west of New York City.  It includes a Dead Man’s Curve where if you throw pennies in the water, a ghostly boy will throw them back.  There is a ruined castle in the woods where Devil worshippers leave their bloody clothes to dry beside mutilated animals and there is a phantom truck that chases drivers on the road.  There are even strange lights in the sky and weird animals that were once living in the nearby zoo that is now also abandoned.

Dead Man’s Curve, Ohio

There’s nothing better than a haunted road with a really good name and Dead Man’s Curve in Clermont County, Ohio, definitely has it.  It also has the stories to go with it.  Back in 1969, five teenagers were killed when their car was hit by another at over 100mph.  The single survivor, called Rick, said that since the accident, he has seen a faceless male hitchhiker on the curve.  The road is part of the original Ohio Turnpike, dating back to 1831 so has seen more than its share of accidents and deaths.

Kelly Road, Pennsylvania

Kelly Road

Kelly Road – By Dough4872 [Public domain], from Wikimedia Commons

Kelly Road in Ohioville, Pennsylvania, has the right look about it to be a haunted road, according to all accounts.  There are thick, creepy forests on either side and people report strange noises as they drive along it.  Animals, in particular, seem to find the road disagreeable and otherwise calm and friendly pets have gone a little nuts when passing along it.  White apparitions are seen on the roadside though no-one knows any stories behind its creepiness.

Former Highway 666, Utah

Name a road Highway 666 and you are asking for trouble!  The sixth branch of Route 66 has now been renamed Highway 191 but the ghosts remain.  Witnesses have reported seeing a truck driving straight towards them, sparks flying and flames coming from it – only for it to suddenly vanish.  Others say that hellhounds live along the road and if you drive slowly, they shred your tyres.  There is also the spirit of a young girl who appears in the back of cars as they drive along the highway.

Around the world

Tuen Mun Road, Hong Kong

haunted roads

Tuen Mun Road – By WiNG [CC BY 3.0 (], from Wikimedia Commons

Despite being a modern road designed to handle the traffic it receives, Tuen Mun Road in Hong Kong is known for the high number of accidents that take place.  It seems that a good number of these are actually caused by the ghosts that haunt it.  Ghosts appear in the road or run in front of cars, causing crashes.  Some of these spirits are believed to be those of people who themselves have died in accidents on the road.

Karak Highway, Malaysia

So you are driving home with your husband and new baby but the car breaks down.  Hubby goes off to get help but doesn’t return.  Finally, you step out of the car only to find his severed head on the top of the car.  That’s the story associated with the haunting of Karak Highway in Malaysia where the wife is said to wander the highway, searching for her husband.  There is also a phantom yellow VW that appears and cannot be overtaken as well as a boy with bloody eyes searching for his mother.

Belchen Tunnel, Switzerland

Belchen Tunnel runs 3.2 km in Switzerland and is home to a phantom hitchhiker who appears on the hard shoulder at the tunnel entrance and vanishing mid way through.  Known as a White Lady, she appears all in white and has been seen going back to the early 1980s.  She speaks to drivers then tells them something terrible is going to happen before vanishing.

Street with No Name, Australia

The Street with No Name is in Annandale, Sydney and is not so much haunted as the home of something evil that causes weird behaviour in animals and sometimes even in children.  It is a road running alongside the railway viaduct and has a history of crimes being committed.  Whether one of these has led to the feeling of evil that people report is unknown but there are also strange smells and footsteps when no-one is moving.  There are even changes in temperature that defy explanation.