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So here in the UK, the clocks changed this month and that means it gets dark a lot earlier.  Don’t know what it is about the dark nights but it always makes everything seem a little spookier, a little eerier.  And seems it isn’t just me that find October a weird time…

Did a monster attacked WWI German submarine off Scotland?

Mention sea monster or cryptid around Scotland and people think of the Loch Ness Monster.  Now either Nessie can go for a trip out to the coast sometimes or she has a relative living there who took an active part in proceedings during World War I.  According to the report, a German submarine, SM UB-85 surrendered to British forces off the coast of Wigtownshire in 1918.  When queried why he had given up so easily, the captain admitted his ship had been disabled by an attack by a ‘strange best’.  He described it as having a small head with white teeth that glistened in the moonlight.  While his crew had driven it off with small arms fire, it had damaged the ship sufficiently that it could no longer submerge.

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Man Dies After Encounter with Black Eyed Kids

This report comes from Weird in Week and definitely qualifies.  The witness is reporting on behalf of his friend, for obvious reasons.  The friend went to a bar and met a beautiful woman behind the bar.  He was planning to stay in a hotel but the woman said he could stay with her (more than room offered, by the sound of it).  He left his car as she said where she lived was remote and she could bring him back next morning.

He got to her house and started to feel a bit weird.  Not that weird, as part of the reason for the visit was conducted but he said that she acted strange, almost inhuman.  She fell asleep afterwards and he went to the kitchen for a drink.  It was at this point he saw several small, frightened looking children with completely black eyes.

The woman did take him back to the bar the next morning and he returned home.  He told his friend about the encounter.  One month later, this healthy person was diagnosed with bladder cancer and no treatment would work.  He died within six months.

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MIB in Helicopters Kill Insectoid Aliens

This one sounds like the tagline of a new Hollywood movie but the report comes from Phantoms and Monsters via MUFON.  The incident took place on 3rd October in Almena, Kansas when a witness was star-gazing with his telescope.  He heard a buzzing sound and saw a bright object descending towards him.  Then he saw the black helicopters.

He described the craft has having a spherical shape with rings around it and a blue-green glow while there were purple lights.  He moved towards it curious, when he saw three aliens exit it.  They looked like giant bugs and seemed to fire electricity at him.  Then the guys in the helicopter fired at the creatures and killed them.  To top it all off, the craft then teleported away.

What more can I say?

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Alaskan Officials Release Ice Monster Video

Believed to be some kind of publicity stunt by some, the latest monster video comes from the Alaska Bureau of Land Management.  The creature was caught in footage taken by one of their employees monitoring the Chena River and was later posted on Facebook.  Despite the sceptics, the bureau insists the images haven’t been altered and are no kind of hoax or stunt.

Bigfoot Spotted in Nest Camera Footage

Often when something strange is spotted, it can seem a little contrived but the footage captures via a nest monitoring camera from Michigan certainly qualifies as a reputable source.  While identifying, what is captured is a little more difficult, there’s no doubt something is lingers in the background of the images.  The camera was monitoring two baby Bald Eagles when something unexpected was spotted in the background.

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Woman frightened by ghostly encounter while learning new phone

We’ve all done it, playing around with a new smartphone or camera and catching something unexpected.  In the case of a woman from Wales, the something unexpected may well be a ghost.  The 56-year-old was trying the video settings on her phone in her home in the Blackwood area.  in the images, you can see ‘orbs’ which are mostly likely dust caught in the light.  Then a strange mist appears and finally a face can be seen, gliding towards her.  The witness saw the mist and both she and her sister scream and run, dropping the phone.

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