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I image that unless you live in the middle of nowhere with no neighbours in sight, strange sounds are common place.  We often hear things and don’t identify them immediately for what they are.  Or we hear noises that we can’t place because they are out of context.  But in the various cases of strange sounds reported around the world, there seems to be one thing in common – no-one has a definitive explanation for what they are or what is causing them.  Here we look at the story.

Canadian pinging

I was reminded about the stories when I read a report on the BBC News website about the Canadian military investigating mysterious pinging sounds from the sea floor in an area of the Arctic.  The report, dated 4th November, said that the military had used aircraft with a variety of sensors on board to try and figure out what the strange sounds were but had no far been unsuccessful.  The only things in the area where two pods of whales and six walruses – neither liable to make pinging sounds!

The sound could be heard through the hulls of boats in the area and followed another report of a ‘hum or beep’ sound in the area of Fury and the Hecla Straight, around 74 miles north-west of Igloolik (yes, that’s a real place).  The channel is part of the newest territory of Canada, Nunavut, which is a major hunting area for sea mammals but at this time of year, things are very quiet in the area.

Eerie noises and strange sounds

In fact, strange sounds have been reported around the world for the last ten years or so, varying in their exact nature but all sharing the unexplained element.  One of the earliest reports came from Homel in Belarus where a strange noise was recorded coming from the sky.  The same year another series of strange sounds were reported in the US, described as ‘ear-defeaning’.

One Canadian woman, called Kimberly Wookey from Terrace in British Columbia, has been recording the strange noises near her home since June 2013, the most recent of which was in May this year.  She was woken at around 7:30am by the sounds on the morning of August 29th 2013 and managed to capture them with her camera.  Whilst getting the camera, she noticed her seven-year-old son looking out of the window – he too had heard the sounds.

Once she had uploaded the video, others in the area came forward to say they too had heard the sounds.  All told, people as far away as some 25 kilometres had heard the noises that Kimberly recorded.  She contacted a local construction company to see if they had any suggestion but they confirmed none of their machines could make the noise.

More cases

Another example came from Kiev, Ukraine in August 2011.  This time people from as far away as 30-40km hear the sounds and it was featured on the local news as an investigation with scientists and specialists all agreeing that they had no definitive answer as to what can have caused the sounds.

One witness says he has suffered nightmares since hearing the noise in Montana in 2012.  Aaron Taylor heard the sounds when he was walking with his daughter and their dog.  The dog too reacted to the noise, as did Aaron’s daughter.  They heard it again later and he caught some of it on his phone.  Since then, he suffers nightmares and screams in his sleep, according to his wife.

In March 2015, a series of 20 second long strange sounds were heard in sequential patterns at two hour intervals from North Carolina to New Jersey – that’s around 350 miles.  This followed a series of reported booms heard in the Asheville area in January that year – local police investigated but found no explosives or other explanations.

Possible explanations?

Although no-one has put together an explanation for any or all of these incidents, there are plenty of suggestions.  One of them is the old favourite – atmospheric pressure.  The weather and atmospheric anomalies is often given as a reason for a number of strange and paranormal incidents as well as for UFO-related incidents.  Perhaps it is the case with these sounds – but which atmospheric pressure and what is the cause?

Construction works, trains and even tectonic plate movement have all been suggested as explanations but all seem to be largely ruled out.  If it was the tectonic plates, then somewhere surely there would be evidence to correlate this.  And if it is was relating to the movement of trains or construction equipment, then some worker in either industry would recognise and explain the sound.

There have been stories about weather modification programs for decades and this is another potential explanation given for these sounds, especially ones that occur before storms.  There were a series of sounds heard in New York City just before Hurricane Sandy hit and another example includes strange sounds before a massive storm in Finland.  Could these events be ma-made or is man trying to alter them and the sounds are a by-product?

NASA has suggested that perhaps the sounds are coming from outside the planet – but not, of course, from alien lifeforms.  Instead, they suggest that the sounds could be part of the natural sounds of space or even of the planet itself and that most of the time, these strange sounds are outside our hearing range so we don’t notice them.


From alien visitors to polar shifts to strange things happening in the core of the planet, there are as many explanations as there are accounts of the noises themselves.  One things for sure – no-one really knows what’s causing them but they don’t seem to be going away.