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When the first stories of Black Eyed Kids encounters surfaced, there was a general view that it was a bit of an urban phenomenon.  You know the kind of thing – like alligators living in sewer systems in the big US cities.  But as the years go by, stories continued to circulate about sightings and encounters with these strange people that show it isn’t a story that is about to fade.

South Dakota Sighting

As recently as November 25th, there was an article on Phantoms and Monsters in their daily round up that recounted a black eyed kids encounter by a former military man in Deadwood, South Dakota.  The man saw two kids walking up the hill towards his house – they were wearing hoodies but there was something strange about them.  It was then that the witness realised they had completely black eyes.  They approached him but he was unnerved and retreated into his house.  He mentioned it to his wife who didn’t see the kids and the couple went to bed.

Sometime later, the witness noticed one of the boys outside his bedroom window.  He began to move towards the front door as another one was there but instead went back to the bedroom for his pistol to scare them away.  He assumed they were wearing masks of some kind.

Then suddenly, he woke up and was in bed beside his wife.  She informed him that he had just returned to bed having been missing for an hour and a half.  He had no idea where he had been.

Classic sightings

The missing time is something more often seen in UFO cases but the rest of the story is a fairly typical of black eyed kids encounters.  Witnesses report an overwhelming feeling of something being ‘wrong’ with these people, even before they noticed their strange, black on black eyes.  This feeling sometimes is overridden by their instinctive protectiveness of children but in other cases, they follow their gut and resist the urge to help.

Another classic case comes from Lisburn in Ireland back in 2009.  The witness. Carrie Holdsworth, was walking home when she saw two teenagers in hoodies and jeans standing with their backs to her.  Cautious, she held her pepper spray and continued to walk past them.

Abruptly one told her she didn’t need to worry, as if knowing she had pepper spray handy.  They said they simply wanted to borrow her phone.  It was then that she saw their all-black eyes and ran for her front door.  The boys followed, continuing to ask to use her phone and she felt the urge to give in but her fear overrode this.

She went inside and locked the door.  They boys knocked and stood, staring at the closed door when she checked the peep hole, again asking to come in.  She told them to go away and called a friend.  By the time her friend arrived, the boys had gone but Carrie’s fear hadn’t.  She moved to a new neighbour some time later, never feeling safe again in the apartment.

Older black eyed kids encounters

While most people date the emergence of the black eyed kids encounters to the 1990s, there are older reports that fit in with the phenomenon, showing that it may actually be older than thought.  One of the oldest comes from 1950 in Virginia.  A 16-year-old boy named Harold was walking home when he saw another boy standing nearby.  Being polite (and the 1950s) he went to say hello and was shocked to see the boy had all-black eyes.  He was struck with fear and went to run but the boy told him not to and asked if he could come home with Harold.

But fear overrode politeness and Harold ran.  He heard the kid scream behind him and likened the noise to that made by a bobcat, not a human being.  Reaching his house, he was so scared, his father grabbed a shotgun and went looking for the boy.  He didn’t find him but Harold’s mother was sure he had come face to face with the Devil.

Medical condition?

Black on black eyes are often mentioned in stories including associations with demonic possession and even ESP talents.  There is a medical condition that results in an all-black iris but even this doesn’t explain the totally black eye.

Aniridia is a condition where the eye has no iris – the coloured part of the eye.  It only occurs in one in every 50,000-100,000 infants born worldwide and results in a very distinctive appearance but also an unpleasant associated condition – extreme sensitivity to light.  Known as photophobia, people with the condition have acute sensitivity to any form of light – perhaps why black eyed kids encounters only happen at night?


Stories continue about black eye kids around the world and there are many elements in common.  Apart from the black eyes, these kids seem to behave in ways traditionally associated with vampire – requiring an invitation into the home, trying to get people to agree to do things.  But others believe that they could actually be something complete different – the result of a cross breeding with another race.

Read more about the theories regarding the origins of BEKs in next month’s article.