My name’s Angela and I’m a freelance writer.  Here I am combining two of the things I love – writing and the paranormal.  Let me tell you a little about me.

I grew up with a love of ghost stories and reading horror novels.  I spent a few years in Devon and there’s a place that will instill a sense of the paranormal in a person, with the eeriness of Dartmoor and the small hidden villages lost amid the mists.  There were plenty of ghost stories told there and they added to my existing curiosity.  As I got older, I added UFOs to my list of ‘what if’ subjects – what if they were real?  I still don’t know whether a fraction of what I read is real or not but I love to read about it and image what if it is real?  What could this be if there is no mundane explanation?

Now I can write what I like, I decided to begin delving into the paranormal world on the internet.  Here I learned about phenomenon such as Black Eyed Kids and shadow people.  And while there are certainly more questionable stories on the internet than ever, there are always a few that make me think ‘what if’ once again.  So I started this blog to share the stories I find as well as giving people the chance to add their own tales – I would love to hear from you, what your experiences are and what you think of these stories.

You can also find me at PeoplePerHour

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