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Rush hour is a trial around the world – you finally get a seat on the train, relax and turn to speak to the person sitting next to you to be polite.  But they are one of those people who just blank you so you turn back to your mobile phone, thinking they are rude.  However, looking at the amount of haunted train stations there are around the world, there is a good chance that the person sitting next to you isn’t ignorant – they are a ghost! In fact, one train station is so filled with phantoms they have even employed a ‘ghost hunter’ to help deal with the spectral customers.

Supernatural liaison

Nick Rees, from Warwick, has an easy going personality and a good ability to talk to people which makes him very suitable for his new role as a volunteer ghost hunter and supernatural liaison for the Leamington Spa railway station.

The station as built back in the late 1800s and has a wealth of haunting stories associated with it.  Platform Three is of particular note and even has a blocked off staircase that apparently leads to nowhere.  There is also an upstairs office where doors slam and electrical equipment develops a mind of its own.  Even staff have reported strange things happening around the station, including paperwork being thrown around, drawers being opened and strange, out of context footsteps.

One night time security officer has seen ghosts on the platforms but says they are ‘good’ ghosts and have a good energy to them.  However, the amount of reports from commuters has led the station to have Nick on hand to calm frightened customers and staff.

Favourite haunt

Caobao Road Station

Caobao Road Station – By Baycrest (Own work) [CC BY-SA 2.5 (], via Wikimedia Commons

But Leamington Spa isn’t alone in being awash with paranormal customers alongside the living ones.  Around the world there are hundreds of reports from railway stations, underground stations and even abandoned spots associated with trains that indicate the dead like to hang out around the rail network.

Knocking down the station at Addiscombe didn’t even stop the hauntings.  This station, in the Croydon district, was plagued by ghosts including a train driver killed on the tracks in the early 1900s and a grey figure walking between the old sheds, particularly Siding No.4 where a boiler had exploded in the past, killing workers.  Trains were even said to move at night, on their own.  The station was demolished in 2001 to make way for a new tramline but it seems the ghosts haven’t been put off by this and still hang around the area.

Caobao Road underground station on Line 1 of the Shanghai subway system is so haunted that it is known as ‘Ghost Station’ to the locals.  A girl in red is seen, having committed suicide in the station while a woman is heard laughing and speaking in the dark tunnels when there is definitely no-one there.  But the most frightening part of the stories involves people being pushed off the platforms by an invisible force.  There are as many as nine mysterious deaths reported in the station and people have witnesses people apparently being shoved in front of a train or dragged from the platform by unseen hands.

Around the world

Connolly Station is one of the main stations in Dublin and was extensively damaged by bombing during World War II.  Since that time, soldiers have been seen around the station, all from this period.  Reports include seeing one grey soldier walking along a disused platform while another sighting by a security guard included two figures in military gear on a CCTV camera.  There are even incidents of poltergeist-type activity within the station.

Bishan MRT

Bishan MRT – Seloloving at English Wikipedia [CC BY 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Waterfront Station in Gastown, Vancouver was built in 1915 and is one of the most haunted spots in the city.  A security guard reported a strange encounter where approached by a woman dressed in a 1920s flapper style dress, accompanied by her own music who suddenly vanished when the music stopped.  Another guard encountered a shining old woman who reached for him but he decided that he didn’t want to have a close encounter and fled.  Phantom footsteps, figures walking on the trails and even poltergeist activity have all been reported.

The very name of Panteones Metro Station means it was destined to be haunted – it means ‘graveyards’ because the station was built close to two old cemeteries.  Screams are heard and even recorded in the tunnels around the station after it has closed for the night while the tunnel between the station and neighbouring Tacuba is prone to shadowy lumps that vanish when approached and ghostly knocking.

Building on a cemetery is always a bad idea but the builders of the Bishan MRT (Mass Rapid Transport) station in Singapore obviously never heard about that.  As a result, the station is the most haunted in the whole network, which isn’t short of a spook or two.  Built on the Bi Shan Teng cemetery, ghost sightings started from its opening in 1987, as did stories in neighbouring Novena station, built on another cemetery.  A women passed out in the station after being groped by unseen hands while maintenance workers have seen a coffin being carried along the tracks by headless figures as well as plenty of phantom passengers.  Living passengers have also reported the eerie sensation of footsteps on the top of the trains while moving.
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