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Author: Angela Tempest

Black Eyed Kids Encounters – Stories that Don’t Fade

When the first stories of Black Eyed Kids encounters surfaced, there was a general view that it was a bit of an urban phenomenon.  You know the kind of thing – like alligators living in sewer systems in the big US cities.  But as the years go by, stories continued to circulate about sightings and encounters with these strange people that show it isn’t a story that is about to fade. South Dakota Sighting As recently as November 25th, there was an article on Phantoms and Monsters in their daily round up that recounted a black eyed kids encounter...

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Phoenix Lights – The Mystery Continues Nearly 20 Years On

The Phoenix Lights are one of the classics of unexplained UFO cases that took place in March 1997.  Now, almost twenty years on, it seems that the case remains unsolved and that the lights have once again been seen over the city. The original case Back in 1997, the case started with a report from a man who saw a V-shaped object over Henderson Nevada around 18:55pm on the night of the 13th March.  He described it as sounding like rushing wind and being the size of a 747 with six lights on the leading edge.  The craft travelled...

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Stocksbridge Bypass – Britain’s Most Haunted Road?

During the course of researching the recent articles on haunted roads, I came across the tale of the Stocksbridge Bypass and its claim to be Britain’s most haunted road.  I’d encountered the tale again but thought it was interesting enough to warrant an article in its own right. Background The Stocksbridge Bypass is a part of the road called the A616 that connects Newark-on-Trent in Nottinghamshire with the M1 motorway at Junction 30 then again from Junction 35A through to Huddersfield in West Yorkshire.  The section known as the Stocksbridge Bypass is where the road crosses the B6088 before...

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What are The Strange Sounds Being Heard Around the World?

I image that unless you live in the middle of nowhere with no neighbours in sight, strange sounds are common place.  We often hear things and don’t identify them immediately for what they are.  Or we hear noises that we can’t place because they are out of context.  But in the various cases of strange sounds reported around the world, there seems to be one thing in common – no-one has a definitive explanation for what they are or what is causing them.  Here we look at the story. Canadian pinging I was reminded about the stories when I...

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What are the Differences Between Paranormal Investigations and Ghost Hunting?

I’ve never been the biggest fan of all these paranormal TV shows, although I’ve watched a few.  Some have their merits and others seem a little too sensational to be taken seriously.  But I had never thought about the difference between paranormal investigators and ghost hunters until I saw an article in the Supernatural Magazine on the subject.  It raised a few interesting concepts on the differences between those who are ghost hunting and those investigating the paranormal in all its forms. Building credibility Back in the 1980s, if you had said you were a paranormal investigator, someone would...

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