Author: Angela Tempest

What Kind of Ghosts Haunt Chinese Folklore?

This week sees Chinese New Year and I thought it was a great time to take a look at the paranormal and supernatural of Chinese folklore.  Ghosts and spirits have a strong place in Chinese culture and come in many forms, some of which are familiar and others that are very different to those found in Western culture.  So what kind of ghosts haunt Chinese folklore? Just to let you know this post contains some affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a commission payment. Ghost basics Chinese folklore has...

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10 Creepy Asian Cryptids to Haunt Your Dreams

Asia is a continent with a great variety of landscapes, countries and peoples so it isn’t a surprise that there are any number of creepy Asian cryptids that feature in stories across the region.  Some of these are familiar and similar to creatures said to live in other parts of the world while others are very Asian and even very particular to certain cultures.  But one thing is certain – they would all haunt your dreams if you met them! China The Yeren is a Chinese Wildman that lives in the forests of the central and southern areas of...

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Does Houska Castle House a Gateway to Hell?

It’s true that there are no shortage of haunted houses and castles around the world but Houska Castle near Prague in the Czech Republic is said to house something a little more than just a few spooks – a gateway to hell.  So how did this story come about and why do people believe that the entrance to the underworld is found through this 13th century castle? Background Houska Castle is one of the best-preserved castles in the region and is 29 miles north of Prague.  It was built in the early part of the 13th century, believed to...

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Is the Slender Man an Urban Legend or a Real Being?

The Slender Man is a classic example of an urban legend – the modern version of folklore or old wives’ tales.  These stories have spread via the internet and entered the realm of the real world.  But of course, the slender man isn’t real – is he? The slender man legend Some say that the slender man legend was the creation of a guy called Eric Knudsen, aka Victor Surge, back in 2009 on the Something Awful creepy pasta forum.  His story of an unnaturally tall man with a blank, featureless face wearing a black suit quickly spread around...

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Cannock Chase Paranormal Hotspot of the UK

The title of Cannock Chase Paranormal Hotspot is one that is well earned for this particular location and makes a firm case for being the weirdest location in the whole of the UK.  While many hotspots might have a string of ghost sightings or a number of UFO encounters, perhaps a history of cryptid sightings, Cannock Chase seems to have it all – there is even a creepy black eyed kid that is hanging out there! What is Cannock Chase? Far from being the site of a haunted manor or a military base that could draw the attention of...

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