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Author: Angela Tempest

The Levelland UFO Case – One of the Best?

Ask anyone who has studied UFOs for a while and they will have their opinion about what was the best UFO case ever.  For some, big cases like the crash at Roswell are top of the list while other cite a series of events such as the Belgium UFO Flap or the lights of Stephenville.  One of the best is often said to the Levelland UFO case – but what happened and why is it rated as credible? Background The case took place in a small Texas town called Levelland, to the west of another notable location, Lubbock.  The...

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Weird World Roundup October 2016

So here in the UK, the clocks changed this month and that means it gets dark a lot earlier.  Don’t know what it is about the dark nights but it always makes everything seem a little spookier, a little eerier.  And seems it isn’t just me that find October a weird time… Did a monster attacked WWI German submarine off Scotland? Mention sea monster or cryptid around Scotland and people think of the Loch Ness Monster.  Now either Nessie can go for a trip out to the coast sometimes or she has a relative living there who took an...

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Halloween Urban Legends – Just Stories, Right?

Halloween is the spookiest time of the year, without a doubt.  And it is often the time when strange stories and Halloween urban legends begin to circulate – some new, some old.  For most people, these are just stories, a little eerie fun for the occasion.  But what are the some of the famous and are there are real roots in the myths? Bloody Mary One of the classic Halloween urban legends has to be the story of Bloody Mary – in fact, it is so old and has so many variations that no-one really knows exactly where it...

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Is the Myth of Planet X Becoming Scientific Fact?

There’s been a story around for a long time that there is another planet – and a big one at that – lingering on the edge of the solar system.  Often called Planet X or Nibiru, the planet is said to have a huge orbit and be found beyond Neptune and poor downgraded Pluto.  It has always been seen as a myth but now scientific evidence may have shown the myth of Planet X is fact not fiction. The story of the solar system Back in 1781, William Herschel found a planet that was previous unknown and hadn’t come...

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12 Haunted Roads to Avoid Driving Alone

Some haunted houses really look the part, with peeling exterior, broken windows and a generally spooky air about them.  Haunted roads can be a bit like that – overhanging trees, maybe a dingy house off to one side.  Then other times, they can be modern motorways or highways that don’t look like any self-respecting ghost or phantom hitchhiker would be anywhere near them.  Here are a few of the world’s most haunted roads to show you what I mean. United Kingdom A229 Sussex to Kent This road has the tag as England’s most haunted road and runs from Sussex...

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